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Centred Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio that supplies a wide range of creative skills to small business owners that helps them visually communicate their brand's voice while keeping them hands-on during the process. Focussing on graphic design, photography, videography, illustration and marketing. Centred Studio can help you grow your business, tie up loose ends, create exciting content, run advertisement campaigns, create custom patterns, photograph new collections, etc. 


For the most part, building Centred Studio has been rewarding, but it has come with its challenges. Being recognised as a trustworthy service provider takes time and enough people who invest in you. Especially working with small business owners who have given everything they have to establish their brand, it is risky for them to spend money and not receive the desired outcome. Only a few people are adaptable to different brand voices and that is how I try to set Centred Studio apart. I try to align with my clients' brand voice as closely as possible. I try to see their business in the 'now' and where they are going. Helping them expand and grow into their aspirational vision. 


Centred Studio also caters for me, Lené, the artist, not just the designer. I love painting and I try to make time to create artworks that convey my essence. Within a world buzzing with busyness, I try to remind myself and the viewer about moments of peace. When I make time to paint, it inevitably gives me peace and that I so dearly enjoy lending to the world. Artworks that give you a moment to stop, rest and breathe.

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